June 2019


Vietnam vet wins HOA’s approval to fly American flag, resolving long-running dispute

Virginia veteran finally allowed to hoist flag after 20-year legal battle

Memorial Day Ceremony at Saratoga National Cemetery

152-year-old flag donated to Ohio History Center museum (video)

Missouri sheriff's deputy saves flag from touching ground, goes viral (video)

Museum hears vet’s protest, unfurls new flags to replace tattered ones

BAA 'apologizes sincerely' for American flag thrown on ground during ceremony

Star-Spangled Banner Flag House Receives Highest National Recognition

American flag graphic on police cars divides California town

A Crest, a Breast, and a Hot Mess: The Story Behind the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Flags (podcast)

Bill to consider a new Utah flag flies through the House

Redesigning Minnesotas State Flag (PBS Video)

GOP candidate calls for new Mississippi flag to remove Confederate imagery

Young people don't want to live in Mississippi because of the flag, Republican candidate says

Ocala, Florida, mayor announces ‘Confederate Memorial Day’--

Viral image about the Confederate flag confuses history

Philly art project asks: What if this other flag had been the Confederate symbol that endured?

The untold story behind the other Confederate flag

Confederate flags banned from sale on Trade Me following Christchurch terrorist attack

Wisconsin couple who were ordered to remove gay flag now allowed to keep it

City of Marion Flag Created for Community

New House of Flags exhibit of president’s flags opens March 23

Alex Gilkey ’21 proposes redesign of ‘muddled’ official flag of Kenyon College (Ohio)



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