August 2019


Celebrating Flag Day and how to fold an American flag

Production Flies High at Valley Forge Flag

Sens. introduce bill requiring feds' American flags to be American made

You can now own a battle-scarred American flag that US troops planted on Omaha Beach on D-Day

Commerce City man adorns house with military flags every Memorial Day

Flag Flap: ODOT pulls flag permit for Fort Klamath

A New Constellation: A Collection of Historic 13-Star Flags
Flag Day, Friday, June 14 – Sunday, July 14, 2019/ Philadelphia

Video: Jeff Bridgman on Flag Day on Fox and Friends

St. Louis Blues face criticism for including Enterprise flag in color guard during national anthem

Is It Time To Change The Massachusetts Flag? Critics Say Yes

Does Boston need to replace its flag?

Design experts say Portland’s city flag is better than Seattle’s. Do you agree?

All About the Wichita Flag

Some argue Wichita's flag steals prominent symbol from NM state flag

Alternate state flag coming to Mississippi license plates

The once and future flag: How a neglected symbol of Des Moines is making a comeback thanks to one local family

City Flags Of Iowa

Remembering World War I and II Service Banners and the 'Home Front'

National Puerto Rico Day Parade brings generations of boricuas together

Pride flag raised over State Capitol for first time ever

City leaders in Dublin, California raise Pride flag amid backlash; mayor apologizes

US embassies not allowed to fly rainbow pride flags

Dyke March bans Israeli and Jewish Pride flags; Palestinian flags still OK

Store owner decides to stop selling Confederate flag: It's 'being equated to a symbol used to incite genocide'

Why I Decided to Sell – and Then Not Sell – The Confederate Battle Flag

What a Flag Can Tell You About Its Country

The Australian Aboriginal flag – which in 1995 was proclaimed as a national flag under the commonwealth Flags Act – was not the product of a competition or commission. It was created as a flag of protest in the early 1970s.

Government could buy Australian Aboriginal flag copyright to settle dispute, lawyer says



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