National Independent Flag Dealers Association

Since 1988, the National Independent Flag Dealers Association (NIFDA) has been dedicated to the flag, banner, and flagpole industry. Seven founders set out to created a unique organization committed to the open sharing of information and ideas, the education of both our members and the public, and the promotion of patriotism and care for the most beloved symbol of our county, Old Glory – the US Flag.

Since then, NIFDA had brought together the participants in our industry and united them all in order to benefit the common good of the industry, our organization and its members.

Today, different companies from all across the US and Canada have come together to created a diverse and knowledgeable group of dedicated members. Everyone from one-person, family-owned shops to the biggest manufacturers with hundreds of employees have all united in the one organization that they all call “home.”

NIFDA has become a family to its members and is a very tightly knit community. We have always welcomed new members with open arms and all strive to ensure the survival and improvement of every one of our members.