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The Betsy Ross Award for Service recognizes an active member of National Independent Flag Dealers Association who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve NIFDA, the flag industry, fellow NIFDA members and/or their community. A member may be deserving of the award when they overcome obstacles in their business or personal life to become a successful flag dealer, efforts to bring attention to the flag industry, efforts to pass legislation affecting the US Flag or the flag industry, or efforts to gain visibility for themselves or their business as it relates to the flag industry.

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 Betsy Ross winner, Mike & Vickie Young, Eagle Mountain Flag & Flagpole

The Betsy Ross Award for Service winners:

2018 —Mike & Vickie Young, Eagle Mountain Flag & Flagpole
2017 -- Karen Bush, Flag & Banner Company, Inc.
2016--James Giraudo, Pacific Coast Flag
2015 -- Brenda McIntyre, A Complete Flagsource
2014 – Kerry McCoy, Arkansas Flag and Banner
2012 – Fred Bretzloff, Yankee Doodle Flags, Kites & Fun
2011 – Carl “Gus” Porter III, WGN Flag & Decorating Co.
2010 – Frank Hicks, Eder Flag
2009 – Lori Watson, The Flag Lady’s Flag Store
2008 – Robert Rosenthal, Atlas Flags
2007 – Howard Pinkley, Flag-Sales Repairs
2006 – Jeff Shaaber, Valley Forge Flag Company
2005 – Pete Van de Putte, Dixie Flag Mfg. Company, Inc., founding member
2004 – Fred Hachmeister, The Flag Factory, founding member
2003 – Randy Smith, Advertising Flag Co., founding member
2002 – Terry Stevenson, Executive Director of NIFDA
2002 – Mary Leavitt, Flag Lady’s Store, founding member
2000 – Edna McCall, Flag Store
1999 – Scott Somers, Concord Industries/Flagpole Components