Blogging with NIFDA

At every NIFDA conference, we are filled to the brim with knowledge that we can take back to our businesses.  This knowledge helps us be inspired.  It helps us think outside of the box; it helps us fine-tune our current business practices and improve on everything we do.  The knowledge and experience we gain is priceless, but where do we begin to implement what we've learned and use it to better our businesses?  There is no definitive correct answer, of course, but one of our new NIFDA members, Laurie Olsen from Stars and Stripes has been able to utilize what she learned at the conference by creating an online blog.

But how does this help her business?  Firstly, it shows all of her online customers that she is active in her industry and supports several flag programs like the National 911 Flag and the Honor and Remember Flag.  Showing interest in your industry helps bring in new customers who are interested in these ideas and ideals, and it enhances your reputability. 

Secondly, by linking your blog to other industry blogs, such as NIFDA's, you are increasing your reputation among the various search engines that will ultimately help customers find your website or online store.  Every link to your site on another's website helps your statistics and analytics when it comes to search engine rankings.  This is the best FREE method of gaining a higher rank in web searches.  Every time you are mentioned somewhere, you gain online ground.

Thirdly, the blog acts as a reminder for what you've learned.  When we return from our conference, we are often bombarded with emails, phone calls to return, and work that is waiting for us.  Our mind goes from NIFDA-centric to a business-centric focus in a flash, and it's very easy to forget what we've learned, or at least misplace it.  By creating a blog, you are in essence creating a journal of what you learned and the experiences you shared with other industry leaders. 

Remember, knowledge is only valuable if you utilize it.  Learning a new idea cannot truly benefit you if it is simply filed away.  Take advantage of the education that NIFDA brings.