Member Spotlight: Gus Porter, W.G.N. Flag & Decorating Co.

Gus Porter.jpg

Gus Porter
W.G.N. Flag and Decorating Co.

Number of years in Business: 102 years

 Area of Expertise: Business: Applique, flagpole repair

 How did you end up in the Flag Industry?  Four Generations of my family. I have been involved since birth

Who do you most admire? Matt Conway, the one who kept me in the industry.

 What are your hobbies? Travel, wine, medieval weaponry, cooking, raising my daughter, Gwenevere

 What surprises people about you? My age, most think I am much older.
Favorite Vacation Destination: London

 Tell us about any honors or awards you have received: NIFDA Betsy Ross Award, Illinois State University Early Career Achievement Award.

 What is your work philosophy? Never forget who you are and put yourself in everything.

 Do you have a favorite project & why? Chicago Blackhawks Championship Banners-My favorite sport team, Iconic symbol of the team and history.

Any advice for new NIFDA Members?  Get involved, very involved. The more you put into your membership, the more you will get out.

What is the best thing about your job? Seeing my work wherever I go. It is close to an obsession. I like seeing my work in movies.

WGN Flag & Decorating
7984 S. South Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60617
773-768-8076 / 773-768-3138